Explosions took place on Monday in the city of Khartoum,


Explosions took place on Monday in the city of Khartoum, the capital of Sudan, as the war between the military and the military-trained forces led by opposing generals entered the third day.

The death toll in the war has exceeded 100, according to medical groups.

The violence began on Saturday after weeks of a power struggle between the two generals who took power in a 2021 coup, between Sudan's army chief Abdel Fattah al-Burhan and his deputy Mohamed Hamdan Daglo, the head of the military's highly trained military forces. Dammu Saric.

A heavy battle involving airstrikes, tanks and anti-aircraft weapons and heavy gunfire is going on in the suburbs of Khartoum and other cities in Sudan.

"Civilian deaths have reached 97," the Sudanese Medical Association said, adding that "dozens" of fighters were also killed.

This number does not represent the total number of deaths, as many of them could not be taken to hospitals, because of the difficult movement, because of the intense fighting.

The Central Council of Sudanese Doctors, another pro-democracy organization, also reported the death of dozens of people, including security forces, and the injury of 942 people.

While there were widespread requests by medical groups to allow the movement of the wounded, both sides on Sunday agreed to a UN proposal to evacuate the wounded, but not to shoot them. not standing.

United Nations Special Envoy Volker Perthes in Khartoum said he was very sorry that both sides failed to comply with the brief suspension.

The World Health Organization warned that "several" of nine hospitals in Khartoum "where civilian casualties are being treated have run out of blood transfusion equipment."

The violence has forced the terrified people of Sudan to take refuge in their homes, fearing that the war will continue and the country will descend into chaos.

Darmu Saric or RSF was founded in 2013 when President Omar Hassan Al-Bashir ruled the country, and these forces are part of the Janjaweed militia used by his government to target non-Arab minorities. Dafur region 10 years ago.

This war came after a strong dispute between Burhan and Daglo, which is based on a plan to unite the Daqmu-Saariikh forces, which is an important condition to reach an official agreement. to end the crisis that resulted from the 2021 coup. both are straight.

Both sides accused him of starting the war, and each of them claims to be in control of the war, saying that they are in control of important places such as the airport and the presidential palace, which are not managed independently. cannot be confirmed.

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